Dr. Ananya Roy Sc.D.

Dr. Ananya Roy headshotDr. Ananya Roy Sc.D., Senior Health Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Dr. Ananya Roy Sc.D. is Senior Health Scientist at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), where she leads research on the health impacts of air pollution on our communities. Working with scientists, community groups and policy makers she helps guide science based decision making to protect children, disadvantaged communities and other vulnerable populations from exposures that are harmful to their health and well-being.

Dr. Roy grew up in India in a family dedicated to service as doctors and the military. Her personal experiences witnessing structural discrimination leading to disparities in access to clean water, air and healthy neighborhoods with its consequent effects on people’s ability to live healthy lives has fueled her passion to study the connections between the environment and health of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Before EDF, Dr. Roy was research faculty at Yale School of Public Health and Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, NJ, where her work encompassed the effects of air pollution on heart disease and children’s lung development; transfer of lead from mother to the baby, its effect on brain development and factors that increase susceptibility.

She received her Sc.D. in Environmental Health from the Harvard School of Public Health and her M.Sc., B.Sc. Dept. of Pharmacology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.