Celeste De Palma

Celeste De Palma headshotCeleste De Palma, Director of Everglades Policy, Audubon Florida

Celeste De Palma is the Director of Everglades Policy at Audubon Florida, the oldest conservation organization in the state. In her role, Celeste leads Audubon Florida’s efforts to restore the famed River of Grass along with a talented team of Audubon scientists and policy specialists.

Celeste’s dedication to the protection of natural resources and habitats blossomed out of her direct experience with social issues related to the exploitation of natural resources. During her undergraduate studies, Celeste spent one month in the Peruvian Amazon on a research-based study abroad program, where she saw firsthand how dramatic are the effects of poor resource management and how critical it is for people to be informed and aware of the environmental impacts of human activity.

Born in Argentina, Celeste has made Miami her adopted city. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Florida International University. Celeste is a Board Member of the Everglades Coalition, and recently received Audubon Florida’s Staff of the Year Award and the 2018 Everglades Coalition Conservationist of the Year Award for her efforts to protect the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Also in 2018, the National Wildlife Refuge Association created a new award to recognize advocacy efforts across the country. She was the first award recipient of the National Refuge Association’s Conservationist of the Year Award for her campaign to save the Loxahatchee Refuge’s 144,000 acres of historic Everglades in the heart of Palm Beach County.