Erika Beskar

Erika Beskar, Central Analog Test and Validation Director, Texas Instruments (TI)

Erika Beskar is Central Analog Test and Validation Director at Texas Instruments (TI).
She has proven track record of driving company-wide execution improvement initiatives.

Erika serves as mentor to many employees at TI, several of whom have moved to leadership roles themselves. Erika is part of the technical ladder in Texas Instruments, she hold Senior Member of Technical Staff (SMTS) title which recognizes the top 6% of the technical TI population.

During her term as chair of the TI Diversity Hispanic & Latino initiative (2016-2017), Erika lifted membership and lead the team to connect leaders with events such as advancing leadership at TI.

As a Latina, Erika has a passion for women empowerment and knows the importance of giving back; she is passionate for STEM education and has led volunteer events.