Mónica Ramírez

Mónica Ramírez, Founder and President, Justice for Migrant Women

Mónica Ramírez is a long-time advocate, organizer, social entrepreneur and attorney fighting to eliminate gender-based violence and secure gender equity. For over two decades, she has fought for the civil and human rights of women, children, workers, Latinos/as and immigrants.

In 2003, Mónica created the first legal project in the United States dedicated to addressing gender discrimination against farmworker women, which she scaled to create Esperanza: The Immigrant Women’s Legal Initiative of the Southern Poverty Law Center. She has founded and co-founded several other major initiatives, including Justice for Migrant Women, the Latina Impact Fund, ReflectUS and Alianza Nacional de Campesinas.

Mónica wrote the letter on behalf of Alianza that was published in TIME magazine from farmworker women to women in the entertainment industry that sparked the creation of the TIME’S UP movement. Mónica is recognized as a thought leader and prominent voice in the Latinx community.