Susie Haslett

Susie Haslett, Policy Training Director,

Susie Haslett is currently the Policy Training Director at, a bipartisan organization committed to immigration and criminal justice reform. Over the last few years, Susie has been providing essential training to staff, as well as immigrant rights organizations across the country to best equip local leaders with the knowledge and tools to defend and protect immigrant communities.

Susie started her career in community organizing  in Arizona in 2010, fighting against the racial profiling bill known as SB1070. There, she mobilized communities to stand up to unjust policies, and dedicated herself to educating and empowering immigrant communities to make lasting change through the power of voting.

After organizing around a range of issues — electoral campaigns, healthcare enrollment, gun violence prevention and workers rights — Susie returned to the issue that led her back to her primary passion and joined in 2015 to work on the DAPA Supreme Court fight.

Most recently, Susie spent time both in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, coordinating support around the family separation crisis and operationalizing Families Belong Together coalition’s #FlightsForFamilies effort, based in Phoenix alongside Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest to receive those reunited families. Once reunited families were released, Susie’s team ensured that families were provided warm meals, a temporary place to stay, clean clothes, cell phones to contact their families across the country, and international lines for those who wanted to call their families in their home countries and let them know of their safety.

Susie was born in Mexico and is the first-generation daughter of a Mexican immigrant mother. She grew up in Chandler, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University in 2011 with a double major in Transborder Chicano/a Latino/a Studies with a concentration on Immigration Policy & Economy, and Political Science.